Laboratorio de RMN de la Universitat de Barcelona (LRB)


C/Baldiri i Reixac 10-12 08028 Barcelona. España

Latitude 41.383632° ; Longitude 2.118282°

+34 934034464



Director de la ICTS:

Dr. José Ramón Seoane Trigo


Director Técnico:

Dr. Miquel Pons Valles



Dr. Miguel Feliz Ródenas

Access fees

The University of Barcelona covers from its own budget the general costs of the facility, including staff salaries and the maintenance of the instrumentation. Additional running costs are charged to the users according to the fees that are approved each year by the Consejo Social of the University of Barcelona.

Subsidized access, covering 100% of the costs for external users have been provided in the past by grants provided by the Spanish government. In this moment subsidized access is not available.