Laboratorio de RMN de la Universitat de Barcelona (LRB)


C/Baldiri i Reixac 10-12 08028 Barcelona. España

Latitude 41.383632° ; Longitude 2.118282°

+34 934034464



Director de la ICTS:

Dr. José Ramón Seoane Trigo


Director Técnico:

Dr. Miquel Pons Valles


Competitive open access protocol to the University of Barcelona NMR Laboratory (LRB)


Access is provided to internal and external users from public or private research centers to make use of the instrumentation available at the LRB ICTS and the technical knowledge available at the facility. Access is open to both the national and the international scientific communities.

The LRB provides supervised access and training of independent users as well a support in the planning, design, and interpretation of experiments. Access is intended to:

  • Explore the possibilities of NMR for applications in a specific field of study, even if the researcher is not an NMR expert.
  • Perform NMR experiments related to research projects approved in competitive project calls which can be national, regional or international programs.

Typical users come from chemistry, molecular and cellular biology, material science, food science and technology, pharmaceutical research and biotechnology.

Access modalities

The LRB offer two main access options:

  • Mode-1: For specific and short analysis. The samples are sent to the facility and the experiments are performed by the staff of the ICTS with a sending the results after their completion. The user requests the analysis using an on-line form for NMR spectra.
  • Mode-2: Competitive access. Corresponds to research projects, development of methodology in NMR area and other situations where a prolonged or intensive use of the spectrometers is required. The accesses are made preferably, but not exclusively, in self-service, with laboratory support staff. The LRB reserves the right to request a formation period prior to performing the experiments, according to the experience demonstrated by the applicant.

How to Access

Access to mode-2 is regulated by a competitive procedure, with an independent and transparent evaluation process. The call for competitive access in mode-2 is permanently open.

The potential user must complete the online Access Application Form that will be evaluated by the Access Committee, which is integrated by independent experts in NMR area.

Access Application Form is only available for registered of the ICTS.

Evaluation and selection process

The evaluation of proposals will be done following the competitive access procedure. The LRB, through its Access Committee, will evaluate the applications according to the following selection criteria:

  • Scientific quality and interest in the work proposal.
  • Applicant’s Curriculum Vitae.
  • Feasibility of carrying out the work proposal at the Laboratory facilities.
  • ­
  • Promoting access to young researchers and new users to installation.
  • In a case of access applications emanating from R & D projects already funded by a competitive call by European or National funding agencies, the proposal will not be re-evaluated by the Access Committee according to the criterion of scientific quality. In this case, the request for access shall include the code and the name of the associated project and the source of financing.

    After receiving the request, a preliminary administrative evaluation is performed to verify documentation. If necessary, the user will have 10 days to make the necessary corrections.

    The LRB will communicate applicants the admission or rejection of applications. Those concerned will have a period of 10 days to accept or reject in writing their admission.

    For the approved proposals, the technical staff will contact with the researcher in order to establish the scheduling and check the sample availability and preliminary discussing the experimental procedures and conditions required.

    Graphic Diagram

    graphic access

    Fares and founding

    The user will assume fulfilled cost, except when funding from the public resources is available to finance the access to LRB. The cost will be calculated according to the official fares, approved by the Universitat de Barcelona. The coordinator will inform on the cost of the approved access before starting the work.

    The NMR laboratory reserves the right to promote the use of available infrastructure through partial funding of projects coincident with the strategic lines of the laboratory.

    The LRB lab is available for users to collaborate in the study and formulation of projects to be presented in competitive calls for funding (you can contact: ). Applicants for projects in the R & D + I in the National Plan, can express their interest in the use of LRB ICTS and include the relevant budget item. The expenses of access to LRB-ICTS are eligible and accepted into the project cost.

    Access offered

    The LRB offers access to the following instruments:

  • NMR spectrometer Bruker Avance 800 (18,78 Tesla) with a cryoprobe.
  • NMR spectrometer Bruker Avance III ultrashielded 600 (14.09 Tesla) with a cryoprobe.
  • NMR spectrometer VNMRS Varian 500 (11.74 Tesla).
  • NMR spectrometer Bruker Avance 600 (standard magnet).
  • The ICTS provides access also to other lower field instruments if required for specific studies for which high fields may become a limiting factor (e.g. nuclei with very high chemical shift anisotropy). Full information on the instrumentation available can be found on the website of the NMR Unit of the CCITUB (

    Users can also participate in training courses organized by the LRB and associated research groups. Users receive full technical, scientific and logistical support from the LRB staff to plan and perform the NMR experiments.


    • Previously the applicant will need to be registered as a User of the LRB.
    • The user, once the experiments are finished, will have to complete a survey.
    • The user will have to inform about any scientific or technological result derived from the use of the LRB_ICTS, and also about any dissemination made of the mentioned results. The user will have to mention the LRB_ICTS at any dissemination and, if it is the case, the co-financing to access the facility.
    • LRB_ICTS will keep an updated register of user access and a historic of all the R&D actions (publications, patents, and others) associated with the accesses. This information will include the corresponding activity reports and will be available on request.